GearScore 3.1 Beta

1st, I've scaled back ambitions for this version so I can get it out to you guys more quickly. Features you've seen in videos or heard about on my blog will be implemented soon.
2nd, Expect lots of bugs and issues. I'm aware of alot of them, but please post them here anyways.

Changes from 3.1.01 (to 3.1.02)
  • Expanded the "test" feature intorduced in the lsat version.
  • I FORGOT TO UPDATE Donator's list, I promise to add you guys in right away!

Changes from 3.1.00 (to 3.1.01)
  • Fixed a few bugs
  • Achievement info will clear when you switch targets.
  • Added a new 'test' feature. Now when you mouse over an item you will see score calculations for each of your spec based on the ORIGINAL formula. This formula adds enchants and gems back into the calculation. Please note that the current formula compensates for the lack of enchants and gems so a lot of items wont actually gain any GearScore from this method. However special enchants and epic gems will help out.; and having no enchants/gems will naturally lower the GearScore on the item. This method will eventually be calculated into the bar/graph info on the "Equipment" page. Currently it IS NOT ACCURATE for Weapons, Offhands, Shields, Trinkets, and Relics. Please let me know what you think of this. Make sure that the score is not based on weights. So an item with +100 Crit Rating + 100 Agility will have the same GearScore for a rogue as an item with +100 Strength and + 100 Agility. Luckily however, their aren't really any crazy items like this in end game content.
  • This feature would be the primary calculation method if I choose to turn the addon into an "Advanced Inspection Tool"

Changes from 3.0.x
  • Updated GUI
  • Gems! - You can now view gems when you target a player within' inspection range. Gem information is not immediately available, and may take a few seconds to load.
  • Experience Guide - Now allows you to view raiding experience of a player within inspection range.
  • Spec Guide / Scores - Lets you see a rating for a particular spec. Defense Info currently missing, and Hit Raiting not automatically calculated. (will be added later)
  • Stat List - Lists all of a player's statistics in a window on the equipment screen.
  • Updated Instance Difficulty Charts - Instances compressed into teir content. "Teir 9.2" simply refers to the 2nd level of gear within the Teir 9 family. (Instead of saying something like Teir 9, and Teir 9.333, and Teir 9.666, or w/e)
  • Target Switch - When switching targets with the GearScore window open the new target's info will automatically be updated in the GearScore window.
  • Other Stuff

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