About GearScore

What is GearScore?
GearScore is an addon for World of Warcraft that allows you to quickly and easily judge a player's level of Gear. Simply mouse-over any player in the game and their GearScore will appear in their tooltip. No need to visit the armory!

How does GearScore Work?
Whenever you mouseover a player in the game GearScore will scan that player's gear and calculate a score. The scores are based on how blizzard assigns stats to an item and take in account ilevel, rarity, and equipment slot location. Scores scale smoothly as player's level up and obtain new items.

What are GearScore's features?
  • Instant Score Calculation - Scores are calculated instantly whenever you mouse over any player in the game as long as they are within inspect range.
  • Database - Scores are remembered so that the next time you see a player you will know their score, even if they are in a completely different zone. The database feature also allows you to manually look up a player anytime you want.
  • Communication - Whenever you scan a GearScore of a player you also share that score with everyone in your party or raid and everyone in your guild. This is very similar to how Gatherer works in sharing resource nodes.
  • Average iLevel - With this feature you can also see the average item level of a player. This is perfect for such things as Ulduar vehicle assignment and upcoming changes to drakes in 3.2
  • Master Loot Upgrade Mode - This mode is an excellent way to assist your raid in increasing their overall level of gear as quick as possible. Whenever you mouse over an item the tooltip will show how much of an upgrade in GearScore that item is for each person in your raid that can equip that item. Prefect for loot-council type raiding guilds and also excellent for leveling characters in helping to choose which item to pick from quest rewards.
  • Reporting - GearScore also allows you to post the GearScores of player's in your raid/party into chat. GearScore even has integration with Recount to allow you to see a graphical representation of your raid's GearScores.
How does GearScore compare to 'ratings' websites?
I started working on GearScore before I even knew of WoW-heroes or IMBA. I'm not sure how IMBA calculates its scores but WoW-Heroes scores are always about 1/2 of GearScore's scores. Many people ask me to simply use the same formula these websites do. There are a few problems with that. The first is I don't wish to steal a formula from a website and brand it as inline with their scores. Those sites make $$ from advertisers and if I steal their work I'm also stealing their money. Another problem with this is that the armory gives these websites more information then my mod, therefore they are able to take into account additional factors when calculating scores.

How can I contribute?
  • Feedback - I'm constantly looking for ways to improve my mod. So if you have any comments or suggestions please leave them HERE.
  • Download the beta version - and help me test upcoming and new features. Beta versions may contain bugs and I need help to find these.
  • Donate - Your donations help pay for this website and allow me to work less and keep programing on GearScore. As a bonus feature if you donate make sure to give me the name and server of your character and in the next update your character will have the special line "Official Supporter of GearScore" added to the tooltip of your player whenever somebody mouses over you.
Where can I download GearScore?


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