GearScore & RealID

I have created a video to show how easy it is to fake the the previous video.

You can duplicate the results in the video as follows;

1. Create a Directory called "BigHoax" inside your AddOns folder.
2. Create 2 text files "BigHoax.lua" and "BigHoax.toc"
3. Paste the following into "BigHoax.toc".

## Title: BigHoax
## Version: 1.1.0
## Note: Helps create a fake video!
## Author: Mirrikat45
## Interface: 30200
## OptionalDeps: GearScore


4. Paste the following into "BigHoax.lua".

SetNames = {}

function SomeFunctionName(arg1, arg2)
local FakeNames = { "Barack Obama", "Ronald Reagen", "Bill Clinton", "George Bush", "Ricard Nixon", "Andrew Jackson", "James Madison", "James Monroe", "John Tyler", "James Polk", "Franklin Pierce", "Gerald Ford", "John Kennedy" };
local realid = "";
if ( SetNames[UnitName("mouseover")] ) then
realid = SetNames[UnitName("mouseover")];
realid = FakeNames[random(1,13)];
SetNames[UnitName("mouseover")] = realid;
GameTooltip:AddLine("|cff00ffffRealID: |r"..realid, 1,1,1);
GameTooltip:AddLine("Hold SHIFT to view Alts");

GameTooltip:HookScript("OnTooltipSetUnit", SomeFunctionName);

5. Your done! Restart the game!

Note: You can edit the list of fake names to whatever you want!

GearScores and RealID

There have been faked screenshots showing that a supposed "3.2 beta" version of GearScore reveals other player's RealIDs on tooltip. Not only is there no 3.2 beta, but this functionality does not exist in any version of GearScore. I will also never include functionality like this in GearScore.

The author of these images has admitted they are fake:

In addition I have disabled photo uploads on the forums due to excessive posting of offensive imagery.

There is also a video of it here:
The effect in the video can be achieved with a very very simple addon that would look like:

function SomeFunctionName(arg1, arg2)
local realid = "Some Fake Name";
GameTooltip:AddLine("|cff00ffffRealID: |r"..realid, 1,1,1);
GameTooltip:HookScript("OnTooltipSetUnit", SomeFunctionName);

The 2nd line sets a variable as to what fake name you want to use, simply create an array of fake names and you can choose them at random or make them show for specific char names to make the effect look more convincing.

GearScore 3.1.7 Release

I've just uploaded GearScore 3.1.17. Get it Here.

Most of the changes are to deal with the new throttle on inspects. Currently if you inspect to often then the server will not return additional information. This means that when you mouseover a player you may see a GS that is several days old. To combat this you will now have to target a player for an updated GS. You will still see their GS on mouseover if you have them in your database. You will also see a message on how old that GS is.

This isn't as bad of a change as it sounds, in reality most players just say "Whats your GearScore?" instead of looking anyways.

Because of this change communications in the addon will drastically drop, I plan to open up a few restrictions in the future so that player's databases do not become out of date all the time.

Additional changes are new options and bug fixes.


Updated GearScore Lite

Change Log 3x04
Fixed an error with GS less over 6000.
GS will now be reduced on un-enchanted items that are enchantable.
Remember that gems are always shown as empty by initial API calls so I cant determine if gems are missing or not.


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