GearScore Command Options List

Commands for 3.0.x
  • /gs [name] Opens the GearScore profile for [name].
  • /gset Reports this list of slashcommands into your chat log.
  • /gset player Toggles the display of GearScore information in player tooltips.
  • /gset item Toggles the display of GearScore information for items.
  • /gset level Toggles the display of iLevel information for both player and item tooltips.
  • /gset communicate Toggles the allowance of hidden addon messages that allow for the sharing of GearScore information with group and guild members.
  • /gset reset Resets GearScore's options back ot default.
  • /gset detail Toggles the display of complete item lists and their individual GearScores in player tooltips.
  • /gset ml Toggles the display of masterloot information in item tooltips. This information allows you to determine who will recieve the largest upgrade from any item you mouseover.
  • /gset purge Removes all GearScore information from your database. Use with Caution.
  • /gset date Adds the TimeStamp information to the tooltip.
  • /gset Chat Adds GearScore information to chat logs.
  • /gset transmit [name] Transfers your GearScore database to [name].
  • /gspam group target Spams your group info into the target chat.


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