My Guild, Rogue Angels on US-Detheroc is recruiting for 25man Raids. Were looking for good solid players who can follow instructions and play their class well. We have cleared through Plague Wing and are currently on Blood Queen. However we have several members who have decided to take a break from wow and are missing a full raid group.

We are most in need of Hunters, Enhancement Shaman, Tree / Boomkin. However any good DPS will be welcome.

We're semi-laid back and enjoy having fun. Gear is not a requirement because gear can be fixed. If your interested in joining I would be willing to help pay for a server transfer. Click Here for more information or to apply.

Raid Times:

Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
6PM - 9PM Pacific
7PM - 10PM Mountain
8PM - 11PM Central (Server Time)
9PM - 12PM Eastern

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