Version 1.0.0 Notes

The following have already been implemented in the next version:
  1. Complete Re-Write from scratch. Better Variable Names, better Hooks, simpler and more efficient code. Easier to Localize. Almost all the functions return values instead of simply setting variables, so that any other addon could call my functions.
  2. 100% TipTac Support, no longer causes any problems with tiptac at all!
  3. Item Tooltips - Each item you look at / mouseover will show you that item's score. You'll notice that most items in naxx will have the same score, this is because blizzard considers them all equal in power. Its up to you, the player to choose the stats that suits your playstyle the best. 
  4. Even more accurate weapon Equalization. (Found a better mathmatical Formula)
  5. Database Support, will now remember the GearScores of players so that you can share them with other players who dont have the mod.
  6. Removed "Feral Attack Power" from the bonuses, because all weapons have this in addition to regular stats now (From the point of view of a druid) this means that if you used the old version of this mod during the last patch all your stats are messed up!

The following is planned to be added in the next version
  1. Titan Bar Support
  2. An Options Interface
  3. Personal Weights (Shows the value of an item inrespect to your Class/Spec. Has no bearing on the GearScore of an Item however.)


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