Developer Version 1.1.01

I've been working on updating GearScore to get it to run well inside 3.1. The main problem I've been having is that blizzard changed the way Item Information is retrieved. It use to be when I obtained an InventoryItem from a player on mouseover that information was available right away. Now however The Servers feed me the name of the item with a generic link, instead of the Item with its Enchants/Gems. This is causing a bug where if you mouseover a player it shows a low score, then if you click on them or mouseover them again a new score appears. This is driving me nuts!

I plan to upload a new version each night I work on this mod, Follow this blog to always keep up on the newest version. All the feedback and support from everyone is deeply appreciated! I present you with the first publicly available Developer's Version.

I did however add some more stuff and fixed a bit of issues in the next version.
Changes From 1.0.00
1. Cleaned up some Code, made it more effiecient
2. Added Color to PaperDoll Frame Discription of Personal GearScore
3. Moved MyGearScore as part of "GearScore_GetScore" function
4. Removed GearScores from non-Gear Items
5. Added Shopping Tooltip Information
6. Fixed Dependency Issues
7. Repaired Several Issues with Recount (I'm sure there are more, let me know!)
8. Increased Maximum GearScore to 6000 (From 5000)
9. Fixed Dependency probeloms in GearScore Toc File.
10. Fixed Spelling Errors in RecountGearScore Toc File.
11. Fixed Several Inspection Errors
12. Added more base code for upcoming Settings Modual
13. Temporary Fix to the "Low/High" problem. Once the mod finds a "Higher" score it wont display the lower one anymore.
Get it here: Developer's Version 1.1.01

UPDATE: Fixed another Coloring Issue... Blizzard Can't decided if it likes "RGB" or "RBG" for color order, seriously Blizzard....

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