Communication on its way!

UPDATE: Actually, I lied. I finished it all in one night. Here it is:

I don't belive there are any errors but if there are let me know! Also let me know if you experience any spikes in lag. This update is kinda useless if you dont get some friends and or guildies to test it out with ya. 

Some Cool Features!
if you "/gs Arxkanite" and you dont have my score you may see something like this now:
"No known GearScore for Arxkanite"
"...but Keightie has a GearScore of 4177 for Arxkanite"

(That is if somebody you know, Keightie had a score for me)

Alright, I've begun programming the communcation functions of GearScore that were in the original. Now that scores are instantaneous again this also becomes an option.

HOw will this work?

Everytime you mouseover a player you record that player's Score and a Timestamp is created to measure when that player's score was last taken. (You'll see why this becomes important later).
With the next release you will also send to Party and Guild, the Score and Timestamp. This will update their database of Scores. In addition, All guild members who recieve your score will resend it to all their parties, and all party members will repost to their individual guilds. Clearly the more members who have this mod the further a single score will bounce around the server. Now these messages are no longer then a about 30 letters, and dont consume much resorces at all. (Recount sends way more information!).

Now, to reduce excessive respaming, No player will repost information they have gained back into the channel from which they gained it. (For example, if my Guildy "Lung" sends me "Keightie"'s Score in Guild Channel, I will repost that information into Party Channel, but not into Guild Channel because they already got that information.

Now if I'm in a party with Lung, and a guildy, "Mooire" sends me the information from guild Channel, Me and Lung will both post it into eachother's Party Channel. Normally we would repost back into guild, then back into party, and back and forth till we disconnect. However because we each received the information from guild originally, when we get the new information and determine that its the same as we already have on record we will not repost the information at all anywhere, saving us from an infinite loop of communication.

Now, if you mouse over somebody who is out of range, or do a "/gs " check on somebody who's score you do not have, you will then "ASK" your guild and party channels if they have that information. Now each person in your guild may have differn't information if they were all online at differn't times. They will each post information into guild about 's Score. The one with the highest "TimeStamp" (And therefore the lastest date), will be added to your database and all others discarded. Once the information becomes available the tooltip of the person you are mousing over will automatically update. This is especially useful if you mousover somebody in your raidlist, or party who you are quite far away from. 

It is posible that you ask your party, they request it from their guild, a guildy in that guild requests it from another party who intern requests it from their guild and sends it all teh way back up the chain. A big enough server with enough people will make everyone's GearScore avaialble at all times.

Well I hope 3 things from this essay, 1. That somebody understands this, 2. That somebody cares =P. 3. Somebody from Kanasas please visit my site!

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