Good News!

Ulright, I'm about to head to work but I was successful in tracking down the exact cause of the "3.1 problem". It seems enchantment information is available, but Gem Information isnt. I was also able to add back in the old /gsparty /gsraid systems.

So... Where does this leave the mod? 
Not in as bad of shape as I first thought. At first were gonna lose Gem and Enchant information untill I program an entire database of all possible enchantments and their scores. If somebody wants to send me an Open Office formated spread sheet i would love you! Include all enchants, what items that enchant can be on, and that enchant ments required item level / player level and finnaly what skill level is required. I'll get on this myself after the next release.

Now If blizzard remains with the current method of gem information then we'll lose that. But its not as bad as it seems. An Item with sockets is usually worth less then an item without sockets. Blizzard 'expects' certain gems will go in each gear. So... People with great gems wont see a loss of score (Except for their enchants) but people with amazing gems will see a slight loss of 2/3 pts per item, and people with no gems will show higher gearscore. This should also make comparing gemmed items against non gem items easier to do (Because you dont have to guess how much the gem slots will be worth).

The code I used to track down this information left the next update unstable and I'm off to work now, so no update tonight. But for sure a big update the next 2 days. 

Thanks so much for bearing with me guys!

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