2.2.02 Dev

Here you guys go. Just remember these Dev versions are just a kind of end-of-day wherever I was happening to be working at. So not all features are as polished as they should be and their could be bugs or I could easily forget to remove some debug-code. Check back often and Dev Versions get updated alot.

Changes from 2.2.01
  • Fixed Issue of GearScores "Sticking" while mousing over raid players. THanks to Sorian for helping me track this one down.
  • Fixed bug in TimeStamp information so that "8:08am" will look like "8:08 am" instead of "8:8 am".
  • Changed TimeStamp information to only show the time of day if it was taken on today's date, and only show the date otherwise.
  • Cleaned up formating of Dating information.
  • Average Item Levels will now be saved between sessions if a player turns on Average Item Levels - "/gset average"
  • Added Date/Time options to Tooltips with usage of "/gset date", or "/gset time".
  • Shirts are no longer calculated into Average Item Level
  • In order to avoid problems spamming and settings have moved commands. Previously if you did "/gs average" for example and a player was named "Average" it wouldn't allow you to view that player's GearScore. "/gset" is for settings, "/gspam" is for spamming reports, and "gscan" for searching for a player's score.
  • You can now Whisper Party/Raid Reports. Use "/gspam party name". A special format is used when you use your own name. This function needs more polish and I'll have it soon.
  • bad commands will now display an error message.

Chanegs from 2.1.02
  • Fixed Error that would Causes Non-Guild Members to be spammed with "You are not in a guild"
  • (Hopefully) Fixed Error that was caused by Mousing over random things. (I'm thinking this might be a compatibility problem)
  • Added Date/Time INformation to "/gs " so you might see: "Name's last known GearScore: 4271 --- 6/9/2009 11:41 pm"
  • Added it to incoming messages so you will also see: "...however YourFriend has a GearScore of 3984 for Name. --- 6/14/2009 4:27 am"
  • Added DPS / HPS information to the GearScore Recount Window. It displays DPS or HPS depending on which one is higher.
  • Added Average ItemLevel option that will show Average ItemLevels in tooltip. Use "/gs average" to turn this on/off
Download it here: Developer's Version 2.2.02

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