2.2.04 Dev

Alright! I finished coding the Master Looting Section so Here it is!

--UPDATE-- Fixed a small issue for calculating GearScores and Average Ilvls. Thanks Sorian!

Changes from 2.2.02

This Version Introduces some Major Changes:

  1. GearScore will now automatically look for GearScores of players in your raid/party who you dont have as long as they are within range.
  2. Details Mode - Use "/gset detail" to turn this on. This mode will add a list of gear items and GearScores for those items into the tooltip. if you have "/gset level" turned on then it will also include itemlevel of those gear items. Pretty cool way to check out a person's gear.
  3. you can now use "/gs" to scan for player names again.
  4. Master Loot Mode - use "/gset ml" to turn this on. Any player may see this mode, even those not currently the Master Looter. This mode is awsome! It lets you mouseover any item and see which players in your raid/party get the most upgrade from it.
  • For each item you mouseover it will only list player's in your party/raid who can actually equip that item. (For Example: If the item is Plate it will only list Warriors, DKs, and Pallies).
  • Each player will be color coded based on their Class.
  • If you mouseover an item and you didn't have data from a member of your party/raid it would attempt to automatically obtain this information.
  • If that player is outside of inspection range then you will see "Player's Name No Data" In the tooltip.
  • The formula works by determining the % increase in GearScore a player would get if they equipped that item. For Example: If a player has 1000 GearScore and is going to get an increase of 100 GS from an item then they would get +10%. Another Player with 2000 GearScore and 100 increase from the item would get +5%. So the item would be more valuable to the first player.
  • Lastly if a ring / trinket / one-handed weapon are moused over it will calculated and compare scores based on which item if replaced would net more GearScore for a player.
  • Please understand this mode doesn't actually calculate stats on an item. Thats up to the player who wants the item to determine if the stats are good for them. But this mode is excellent for loot council who want to improve the whole guild's gear as much as possible.
Please leave me as much feedback as possible on that last part, thats what I'm most curioius about.

Download it here: Developer's Version 2.2.04

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