Hey guys, I'm still here.
I've worked on compressing alot more functions and cleaning up some outdated code in preperation for changes comming in the next version. I have to say so far its looking nice and running a bit smoother.

The New Database will include the following information for each player.

"Arxkanite" = {
"GearScore" = 4300,
"Name" = "Arxkanite",
"Level" = 80,
"Average" = 220
"Faction" = "H",
"Race" = "TA",
"Class" = "SH",
"Spec" = 3,
"Location" = "DAL", --(Dalaran)
"Scanned By" = "Arxkanite",
"Date" = "200907251200",

This is a sample entry. Factions, Races, classes, location, and spec are all compressed to reduce memory usage and allow for easier transmission for communications mode. The "3" is the spec. it refers to the 3rd Talents tab for that class, or "Restoration". Somebody suggested I put in Coordinates for the location you see the player. But I felt this was unnessesary because the coordinates would just be arbitrary information and I couldn't fit that info in. (Please feel free to argue this with me) an

My goal is to be able to send an entire GearScore profile in one line of Communication which is 254 Chars. A sample line is:

"GSC Arxkanite 80 220 H TA SH 3 BEM Arxkanite 200912281042 12344:3242 56789:4232 16875:7890 38496:1057 18975:7897 79854:4789 43578:1205 44658:1489 41879:9045 31245:4687 68791:6044 13578:1206 78945:4879 16380:4054 01896:0541 78904:0014 46570:7777"

This new Database size will take a maximum of 3mb of system memory to use. But that includes if you keep non-level 80 players. I expect an actual usage rate of about 2mb. The good news is the database will automatically prune, and keep players less then level 80 out, while keeping information to only 1 server at a time.


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