I had to find a way to compress ItemLinks into smaller format so I can fit 17 of them into one line of Communication. ItemLinks contain information other then just the name of the Item. I have extracted this information with the following formula.

function GearScore_GetItemCode(ItemLink)
if not ( ItemLink ) then return nil; end
local found, _, ItemString = string.find(ItemLink, "^|c%x+|H(.+)|h%[.*%]"); local Table ={}
for v in string.gmatch(ItemString, "[^:]+") do tinsert(Table, v); end
return Table[2]..":"..Table[3]

This returns something like this "23494:234". The number after the ":" is the enchantment ID. This means that I'll be able to easily extract Enchantment infomation from a players Gear. (So expect Enchantments to be recalculated in the next version in some form.

This also means that when somebody in your guild mouses over a player you will know that player's entire gearset, items, and enchants!

The limits on this is it becomes much more complicated and outside the realm of communications if I extract the Gem Information.


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