I'm here!

Alright sorry guys, I've been meaning to add a message here but lifes been crazy. The addon isn't "Dead" its "WifeleavesmeifIspendtoomuchtimeoncomputer". lol. ANyways I promise to work on it this weekend.

A few things I've noticed:

*Bugs - IF you are disconnecting from mouseover something is seriously wrong with your item Cache. All this mod does is ask the server what items your wearing, then asks the server about those items. Usually disconnect occurs if information is requested about an item that you has never been seen on the server before. But if a player is wearing those items then of course they have been seen on the server! I have no idea what can cause this (Perhaps another addon in combination of mine). Try turning off all addons but mine and see if the disconnect occurs. I will also reserach this more.

*Mousing over items in chat causes an error - THis again shouldn't be happening... I simply ask the server information about an item like "GetItemInfo(ItemLink)", and the error says "Hey you need to ask for info in this format: "GetItemInfo(ItemLink)"" (Which is what I did!) so an error should be occouring. However this seems to be limited to cretain Items so I'll add A check to ignore items with that name (Seems limited to COoking Recipies)

*Mousing over players in Raid shows other players Scores. - THis seems to occur when posting /gs raid as well. I think I have a plan to eliminate this. Again this shouldnt' be happening... I never programmed this functionallity it just worked within the framework of the code. I just say "When player mouses over "Bob" then ask for "Bob"'s GearScore. If he is out of range then just add his last known one to tooltip".

I've seen a few Ideas I like -
1. Adding DPS to Recount Info for compare with GearScore. This is actually easier to do then it seems so I'll add this in, but I'll make an option to compare HPS as well as DPS.

2. Add AverageItemLevel - I will add this as an option because a few people have asked. I dont like this method because its unbalanced. If a player has Bracers, Rings, Belts, and Trinkets at 213 and Chest, Shoulders, Pants, and Helm at 189 they will look as though their AverageIlvl higher then it should. This is because Not all GearSlots are worth the same. Also somebody with an Average of 200 could be wearing all blues or all epics... You never know!

3. This mod was originally designed to look at talents and compare them against gear. With the outcomming of 3.1 and Duel Specs I have had to put this on hold. I plan to add this with my next Idea.

4. I will be bringing back Original Formulas for calculating GearScore when you "Inspect" a player. THis way you can see their gems/enchants, and score vs. Talents they possess. Current Formulas will still remain to give you quick information. (SO basically You can see somebody has A GearScore of 4000 so you can invite them and check their talents later and you'll most likely not be burned.)

In addition:
I plan to add a function that will automatically Ask your GUild/Raid for updated GearScores when a player joins a raid, or if you join a raid/group it will immediatly ask for updates of all of those players.

I want to add a Delete command to erase a player's GearScore such as /gs delete Bladez would remove "Bladez" GearScore from your database..

MOre to come and hopefully an update this weekend.
Thanks for your patiences!

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