Looking Forward

Well I'm goign to start laying the foundation for the next version here. My primary focus is updating the database and creating a GUI for this mod.

As part of it I'm rewriting a lot of inefficient Coding. The first part I rewrote was information about Classes. Previously while checking for Color or rather or not a class can wear a certain item I would have to first do a check for each class, and then do a check for each possible item type to see if i get a positive. However, now that I have a table with information stored in it I can simply do:

If ( GS_ClassInfo[GS_Class].Equip[SubType] ) then ; end

All in one line, and no computing... just a variable check. Should help improve performance.
I also dont have to Set Colors each and every time anymore I can just add the colors in on the fly:
Tooltip:AddLine("Name", GS_ClassInfo[GS_Class].Red, GS_ClassInfo[GS_Class].Green, GS_ClassInfo[GS_Class].Blue)

Also much quicker.
As you can see I've started using Longer Variable Names again. I plan to do a lot of cleanup... somewhere I lost my way and began using sub-par named variables.



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