And Updated View of Database GUI

Wow, This sure has improved from this morning! Here are 4 new screenshots and a description of how this screen works.

Clicking on any of the words along the top will sort the database by that column. First Hight --> Low, then if clicked again from Low--> High.
The button "Group" will list everyone in your party/raid in the window.
The button "Guild" will list everyone in your guild's (Online or Offline) information in the window. (Pretty cool)
The Button "All" will list the entire database. To prevent serious lag it will only show you the top 50 of whatever column you are looking for. Such as if you click on "Race" it will only show you the top 50 of that column. (I may make this an option where you can choose how many to show)
the empty box and the button "Search" allow you to look though the database for any value. So if you type in "mage" you'll get every mage and everyone who has the word "mage" in their name.
Great for looking for a specific person or certain information.
the button "Report" opens the report screen you see on the right. From there you can report infomation in the window just as you would from Recount. Not that the report also lists what type of report your doing such as "Top 5 GearScore Reports for Guild, sorted by GearScore".
I've got more work to do on this but so far I'm pretty syked because I'm having so much fun using it!


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