Here is an updated View of the upcomming GUI.
I'll explain more on how it works. If you "/gs " this window will appear with information. All the gear that player had when you moused over them originally will be in the window. If you do "/gs" it will simply open the window with your information.
The Name, and Class/Level/Race of the player will be color coded to match that player's Class.
Below the player model you will see GearScore, colored the same as if you moused over somebody. You will also see the Average Item Level, and the location the player was at when they were scanned. Below that you will see the Date or Time the player's information was captured and the player who captured that information. As you can see "Kymax" captured the record, even though I'm on Arxkanite.

Now, On the left you will see a list of Instances and Numbers. The Numbers are the "recommended' minimum GearScores a player should have to enter that instance. The color of the number is based on what color your "GearScore" would be if you had that value as your GearScore. The Green/Yellow/Red represents how that player will perform in that instance. The color fades from Red to Orange, to Yellow, to Green based on the player's GearScore and the recommended values for those instances. Green means easy instances, where the player may find little gear useful to them. Yellow is "Medium" instances, these require the player to still pay attention and keep focused on boss fights and most gear items would be upgrades for this player. Orange means the player is undergeared but could go as long as the rest of the group has decent gear. Red Means this player may not perform well in that instance. Take them with caution.

These numbers are customizable. These are simply the default values. You will be able to change them to reflect your level of scrutny. Once they are changed colors will go to reflect that. So for if a player has 3500 GearScore they will usually appear "RED" on Ulduar. But if you change Ulduar's recommended GearScore to "3000" then that player will appear green in that instance.

You will be able to search for any player by typing their name in that box.


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