Options GUI

Here is a preview (ANd unfinished) Options Menu that will be avaiable in the next version.
"Show Player Tooltips" - Adds information to tooltips when mousing over a player.
"Show Item Tooltips" - Same but for Items.
"Show Item Levels" - This will show ilvl for Items when moused over. and will also show average item levels when mousing over players.
Please note that Item Level display has changed so that if you have this on you will see:
GearScore: 1234 (Avg ilvl 213)
"Show Detailed Item List" - This shows the same as "/gset detail" in that it lists all players items in the tooltip.
"Save Database" - If you turn this off information you gather while logged on will be lost after you log off.
"Auto Prune Database" Automatically removes outdated/corrupted entries from the database each time you log in. (Helps prevent errors)
"Minimum Level" - this is the minimum level required for an entry to be saved into the database. If set at "80" only level 80 players will be saved.
"Show Masterloot Info" this turns on Master Loot Mode.
"Gear Restriction Level" - Heavy, Light, or None. "None" means that it will show improvements for any class so long as it can wear that item. (Warriors will show up under Cloth, Leather, and Mail). "Heavy" resticts classes to wear only items their class was intended to wear. Such as a Warrior will only see "Plate" gear. "Light" is similar to "Heavy" except that it allows Shaman, Paladins, and Druids to see Cloth, Leather, and Mail items. (Many Healers don't mind wearing a cloth item)
THe numbers on the left are the defualt recommended GearScores for entry into an Instance. You can change them there.


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