GearScore Addon Banner Contest

What Contest?
I plan to have a monthly contest to change the website's banner. All you have to do to enter is email me a screenshot of your main in the game. In one week I will upload the best 3 screenshots and this website's users will vote on the final winner.

The prize is to have your main character (in the screenshot you submited) intigrated into the official banner for 1 month, until the next contest. (Look up to see an example).

I may or may not also add a special line of text for your charcter that all GearScore users would see when they mouse over you.

To Enter:
Email me your screenshot to, with the Name and Server of the character depicted.

  • Remember to turn off your interface with ALT-Z
  • Also turn off the display of names above character's heads. (Under "Names" in the Interface options)
  • Please make sure this is your original screenshot.
  • There are plenty of cool places including dungeons and battlegrounds you could choose from.
  • While taking your screenshot I recommend increasing "view distance" and "shadows" to max temporarily to add better graphics and quality to your screenshot.
  • Please do not attempt to enter more then 1 screenshot per person.

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