I'm back!

Sorry, I've been busy with a small bump in work. But I'm back! I've also created an online GearScore checker! I plan to drastically increase the functionality of this in the future, however right now its only in "Proof of Concept" stage, and at most maybe 1% done lol. So do not complain to me about how much it is missing...

Character Name:
Server Name:
Region (More Regions to be added soon!)

Apparently this was accidentally written over the home page for a while. Sorry about that lol!
Anyways this is slightly off for hunters, and there is a bug with people who take off their off-hand weapon are still scored as though they had had it on lol.

Anyways, taking a break from this and I'll be updating GS and GS lite this week.

Note: Please report Bad Ads here: http://gearscoreaddon.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=193

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