GearScore & RealID

I have created a video to show how easy it is to fake the the previous video.

You can duplicate the results in the video as follows;

1. Create a Directory called "BigHoax" inside your AddOns folder.
2. Create 2 text files "BigHoax.lua" and "BigHoax.toc"
3. Paste the following into "BigHoax.toc".

## Title: BigHoax
## Version: 1.1.0
## Note: Helps create a fake video!
## Author: Mirrikat45
## Interface: 30200
## OptionalDeps: GearScore


4. Paste the following into "BigHoax.lua".

SetNames = {}

function SomeFunctionName(arg1, arg2)
local FakeNames = { "Barack Obama", "Ronald Reagen", "Bill Clinton", "George Bush", "Ricard Nixon", "Andrew Jackson", "James Madison", "James Monroe", "John Tyler", "James Polk", "Franklin Pierce", "Gerald Ford", "John Kennedy" };
local realid = "";
if ( SetNames[UnitName("mouseover")] ) then
realid = SetNames[UnitName("mouseover")];
realid = FakeNames[random(1,13)];
SetNames[UnitName("mouseover")] = realid;
GameTooltip:AddLine("|cff00ffffRealID: |r"..realid, 1,1,1);
GameTooltip:AddLine("Hold SHIFT to view Alts");

GameTooltip:HookScript("OnTooltipSetUnit", SomeFunctionName);

5. Your done! Restart the game!

Note: You can edit the list of fake names to whatever you want!


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