GearScores and RealID

There have been faked screenshots showing that a supposed "3.2 beta" version of GearScore reveals other player's RealIDs on tooltip. Not only is there no 3.2 beta, but this functionality does not exist in any version of GearScore. I will also never include functionality like this in GearScore.

The author of these images has admitted they are fake:

In addition I have disabled photo uploads on the forums due to excessive posting of offensive imagery.

There is also a video of it here:
The effect in the video can be achieved with a very very simple addon that would look like:

function SomeFunctionName(arg1, arg2)
local realid = "Some Fake Name";
GameTooltip:AddLine("|cff00ffffRealID: |r"..realid, 1,1,1);
GameTooltip:HookScript("OnTooltipSetUnit", SomeFunctionName);

The 2nd line sets a variable as to what fake name you want to use, simply create an array of fake names and you can choose them at random or make them show for specific char names to make the effect look more convincing.


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