Change of plans...

Alright, I thought of a really awsome way to fix the whole damn 3.1 bug. I'm now going to create a table of each mouseover person's gear. Then whenever you mouseover them again, instead of attempting ot calculate score it will only retrieve that person's gear items. If the items are now differn't then it will calculate a new score. If they are the same then nothing will be done. 

I'm hopeing this removes seeing 2 scores on each person all the time.
It may also make it possible to detect automatically whenever somebody in your party/raid's gear changes and to recalculate their score even if you dont mouseover them.

I am also closing in on making gearscore recount automatically update without entering combat.

So the tables I plan to keep resource management like this:
A. Tables will be kept for all party members until they leave, or you leave / quit / exit game
B. For players in a Capital City, information on that player will be kept until you leave the capital city, or they do.
C. For all other occurence information will be kept for 5min or no more then 50 players.
The information stored in variables will basically be a list of item links, not really consuming much resources anyways.

BTW: To get GearScore Recount to work Make sure you have all the mods checked correctly. Enable: "GearScore", "GearScoreRecount", "Recount". Next after you enter the game Right Click where it says "Damage Done", from the list choose "GearScore".  (Or use the two Arrows to navigate there.) GearScore only seems to work when your in "Overall Data" mode. (I plan to fix this as soon as I figure out how). Also note that because of the way Recount was created it only updates your gearscore on the list when you enter combat. Unfortunatly I'm still working out crazy bugs that blizzard introduced in 3.1. Thanks for bearing with me and I'm so sorry it broke.


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