What do you guys think?

Alright, after a week of despertatly trying to crack blizzards f**kup in 3.1 i give up slightly.
I'm betting the change wasn't done intentionally. I think its because they left 1/2 done code for the upcomming GearManager in the game. And My bet is that the problem will be magically fixed in the next patch. So I have one of the following options, let me know what you think is best:

1. Remove Enchantment/Gem Information. This wouldl instantly allow gearscore information to the tooltip on mouseover once again, no more multiple scores, or wait times. However then my mod eventhough it has fancier mathmatics and such wouldn't be much differn't then fubargear (Or whatever its called). And everyone's score will go down.

2. Make GearScores avaiable on "Inspect" only. This would work and give accurate gearscore information again, but would kind of ruin the spirit of the mod.

3. Continue with Time-Delayed Scans. Akward and doesn't always work. The slower your computer is the longer it takes to load an item into cache. This means for this mod to work on the slowest computers i have to put like a 5second delay on scanning... Very annoying.

4. Wait it out. I'm trying hard to work on this Table work around but i tmight be a bit.

Thanks for yoru support, and it tears me up inside that blizzard did this to me.


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