Developer Version 1.1.02

Alright, after a long night of programing I was able to accomplish quite alot. Here are tonights results. First thing tomorrow (Remember my days run from 4pm - 7am PST) will be the addition of /slash commands to set Variables.

Please, it is very important that I get feedback from you. Report Bugs here or in the bugs section and also leave all comments about this version here.

Changes From 1.1.01
  1. Changed "Upgrade Message" to inform you where to download, and who is running a newer version then you.
  2. Allowed Clients to communicate Developer's Status
  3. Repaired 3.1 Crap Changes with a 2 second delay before updating score. On rare occations of spamming the mouse back and forth I noticed some off calculations here. Let me know if you notice anything specific.
  4. Updated to Newest Version of BonusScanner.
  5. Installed Ace3Timer.
  6. When mouseing over a player you will see a "*" next to their name if the game is currently calculating that player's score.
  7. You will now see "Scanning*" Next to a player if its the first time you've ever scored that player.
  8. Fixed Additional Dependency Options
  9. Added all the code neccessary to set options.
  10. Freed up CPU time. If you mouse over many players at a time only the Item Links they have equipped will be saved to ram. The second you mouse over another player the first player is forgotten about and his gear is never checked. It now takes 1.5 seconds to update a player's GearScore.

If I dont finish programing /slash commands tonight you can manually set options by changing variables within the client:
  • /run GS_Settings["Show"] = 0         
  Shows no tooltip information. 
  • /run GS_Settings["Show"] = 1            
Will Show GearScore on Items and on Players.
  • /run GS_Settings["Show"] = 2           
Will Show GearScore on Players but NOT Items.
  • /run GS_Settings["Show"] = 3           
Will Show GearScore on Items but NOT Players.
  • /run GS_Settings["Description"] = 0    
Hides word Descriptions on player's scores.
  • /run GS_Settings["Description"] = 1    
Will show word descriptions such as "Bad" or "Epic" next to a player's Score.
  • /run GS_Settings["Special"] = 0       
Hides information about player's who donate to GearScore or about me if you mouseover my character in the game.
  • /run GS_Settings["Special"] = 1        
Shows information about player's who donate to GearScore or about me if you mouseover my character in the game.
  • /run GS_Settings["Level"] = 0          
Hides ItemLevel Information on Item Tooltips.
  • /run GS_Settings["Level"] = 1          
shows ItemLevel Information on Item Tooltips.
  • /run GS_Settings["Communication"] = 0  
Disables all Communication between players who share GearScore. --Only turn off if you have a slow connection.
  • /run GS_Settings["Communication"] = 1  
Allows the mod to communicate to other players who use GearScore.


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