Laundry List for This Weekend.

  1. I will fix the issues that blizzard changed with 3.1.
  2. Fix the "GS_Bonuses a boolean value" bug.
  3. Change the way the "First_Run" function is called so that it is recalled on upgrade.
  4.  Add Options. -Please Comment here if you would like to see a specific option.
Options I currently have in mind so far are:
  • /gs ilvl - Turns showing of Ilvl on or off.
  • /gs color - Turns showing of Color on or Off.
  • /gs desc - Turns showing of Description on or Off (this is actually programed but not turned on )
  • (If I find out how I'll automatically set B/C based on Colorblind mode)
  • /gs comm - turn on or off the upcoming communcation mode (In case you have a slow connection)
  • /gs update - toggles rather or not GearScore shows when an upgrade is available
  • /gs explain - Use this when you get asked "WTF is GearScore?", or "Yeah it prob just calculates average ilvl or something". It will explain to yoru party/raid What GearScore is and why it doesn't suck.
  • /gs show - turn on/off rather it shows in your tooltips.
  • /gs Special - turn off special tooltips generated by GearScore. (SO far there is only one when you mouseover my character in the game)
  • /gs - shows lists of options
  • /gs options - same as above

I'll add more here as I think of it.

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