2.0 Released!

Why a big jump to 2.0? Well after I released 1.2.01 I had tons of extra code left in. So I Removed BonusScanner, Ace Libraries, GearScoreRecount, and huge amounts of functions and coding from the mod. And I changed how many of the functions worked. The mod went from 101kb ---> 13kb! All this restructering forced me to upgrade the Version to 2.0

Please remove the "GearScoreRecount" folder before upgrading, or disable it on your addons options menu. It woudl be best to delete the "GearScore" folder before updating as well, but isn't required.

2.0 is basically a slimmed down, faster running, cleaned up version of 1.2.01. However I did add several more features.
  • Added "/gs " function. Now you can type "/gs Arxkanite" for example and it will give you my last known GearScore.
  • I changed how Variables are loaded into the game, no more updating problems shouod ever occor.
  • When making changes to options it will now show you for example "PlayerScore: On"
  • New "Comparison" option. This will show your gearscore and your targets when you mouseover them. And it will also show you the difference between the 2. I plan to add this to item tooltips in upcomming versions.
  • "/gspam party" was moved to "/gs party" and same for "/gs raid" and "/gs bg"
Download Here: Version 2.0.0

Although I was sad to see the loss of enchantments and gems, I'm seeing the brighter side now. For one thing, having the mod working and at full speed is absolutly great! Gems played a very minor role in the value of gear and most enchantments such as "Minor speed Increase" didn't count for anything anyways. So really were not losing that much.

On the other hand: I now find it easier to compare to items. Before when a new item dropped off a boss i would have a difficult time comparing the 2 items if one was gemmed up nicely and the other had only empty sockets.

This system frees me to add many many more updates to this mod. I plan to add in a table of gear items everyone in the raid has equiped, so that raiders will see what player will gain the most amount of score increase off upgrading any item.

Bear with me guys! I know the change may be hard for some of you. This is 100% Blizzards fault for changing how items are updated. And maybe they will change it back next patch, who knows!

Finnaly... will somebody from Nebraska please visit this site? Your the only state in all of the USA who hasn't visit me!


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