Developer's Version 1.2.01!


Alright here it is. This one shows no problesm with 3.1. All GearScores are now calculated instantly upon mousing over a player. It works great and I have to say I'm loving the feel of it again. Thes changes may be temporarily if blizzard fixes the issue next patch.

Effects on player's scores:
Well, I found an error in my Equalization of Sheilds/Ranged/Weapons/Trinkets. I had a check to determine if the item was BC or WOTLK. However I proggrammed this check incorrectly and it would always show items as BC items. The fix in this error will easily boost everyones scores up on their weapons, sheilds, ranged items, and/or trinkets.

I have removed Enchantment and Gem calculations. This isn't as bad as it seems at first. I WILL ADD back in Enchantments at a later date if its possible. Gems dont really effect your item scores that much unless its an added socket to a Belt, or using a special JC gems. This is because the an item lvl 213 with gems socketed is usually about the same score as an unsockatable item lvl 213. So the loss of gems doesnt really lower scores, however it does boost scores of people who don't socket their equipment. On the other end the lost of enchantments does cause a loss in gearscore.

I've compensated The differnce in loss between these 2 by adding 7% additional score to items. This ammount will be removed once enchantments are back in.

Most players will see a very small differnce in GearScores. Let me know if something extreme happens so I can fix it!

/GSPARTY Added back in! To use it please use these commands. "/gspam raid", "/gspam party", "/gspam bg". (I changed the slashcommands to make them all under one function in the code base). It now works differntly by just spamming the last known GearScore of players in your party/raid. So if a player is out of range it wont matter. If a Score is unknown it wont be shown in the list. 

Many players have asked for me to add a description to the side of the gearscore such as "bad" or "Great". However I dont feel its up to me to determine those values. Instead I used "Uncommon", "Superior", and "Epic", and finnaly "Legendary" for groups of 1000. To turn this feature on use "/gs describe". I plan to add an option for players to come up with their own ranges, and their own discriptions in a future release.

Changes from 1.1.03
  • Updated my guild information
  • Added a second Settings check to fix updating problems
  • Turned Delay-based scanning off.
  • Scans will no longer include Enchantment or Gem Information
  • Scans will now be instantaenous
  • Added back in report systems for those without recount.
  • Added /slash commands for options. Press "/gset" or "/gs" for options list.
  • Updated list of GearScore Supporters.
  • Fixed error when comparing WotLK Weapons/Trinkets/Shields.
  • Added a Reset command to repair all settings back to default.
Get the update here: Developer's Version 1.2.01

All the code for the last version is still intact. Even though I dont actually use BonusScanner, or the Ace Libs anymore. These will be removed in the release version. 
If you want to compare your scores to see how much they changed between versions use this command: "/gs dev1" to toggle on and off the use of 1.1.x method of calculation.


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