Scheduled Changes for 2.2.X

These are things I plan to add to 2.2.X before public release. THanks for all your comments and suggestions!
  1. I will be adding an option to manually add a players gearscore into the system. "/gs add Name 1234"
  2. I will be adding an option to manually remove a players gearscore from the system. "/gs remove Name"
  • TimeStamps will not be included in manually added players. This is to prevent abuse (Like I could do "/gs add Mirrikat45 9999"). Because if anyone who actually sees you will overwrite your manually added score with the last real score.
  • Manually added scores will not be automatically shared via communications. This is because the a false score could quickly bounce around the whole server.
  • However, if somebody in your group/guild uses "/gs Mirrikat45" you will still respond to them with the manually added in score.
  1. When asking for a players score "/gs name" I will be making it so that it asks that player as well. (They will only be able to respond if they have the mod)
  2. I will be adding an option to show the TimeStamp information directly in the tooltip along with the GearScore
  3. I will be adding Average ItemLevels to the end of "/gs party" of you have average items level options turned on (/gs average)
  4. I will now save Average ItemLevels between sessions if you have that option turned on (again "/gs average")
  5. I plan to make it so you can do "/gs party Arxkanite" which will whisper your party gearscores to the player named "Arxkanite".
  • If you "/gs party yourname" you wont whisper yourself but you'll see output on your chat log. (If you whisper yourself its hard to read because you see 2 of every message)
  • if you "/gs party general" it will first look for "General Channel" before "General" player. This will allow you to spam in certain channels.
  1. I'm looking to see if its possible to mouseover while holding shift, a player's name in chat log to see if it will show you that players GearScore info. (Lets hope!)
  2. Fix Raid Mousover type bugs.

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