2.2.01 Dev

I've got alot of work to do in 2.2.X
so keep comming back to watch changes:
If you want your idea added into 2.2.X before I finish the programming cycle then make sure you leave me your comment... If you dont like the layout of the numbers or formating of text then let me know!

THanks for your continued Support and please enjoy!

--Chanegs from 2.1.02
  • Fixed Error that would Causes Non-Guild Members to be spammed with "You are not in a guild"
  • (Hopefully) Fixed Error that was caused by Mousing over random things. (I'm thinking this might be a compatibility problem)
  • Added Date/Time INformation to "/gs " so you might see: "Name's last known GearScore: 4271 --- 6/9/2009 11:41 pm"
  • Added it to incoming messages so you will also see: "...however YourFriend has a GearScore of 3984 for Name. --- 6/14/2009 4:27 am"
  • Added DPS / HPS information to the GearScore Recount Window. It displays DPS or HPS depending on which one is higher.
  • Added Average ItemLevel option that will show Average ItemLevels in tooltip. Use "/gs average" to turn this on/off
Preview ScreenShot: Click Here


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