Official Releases

Version 2.2.09 - 6/22/09

Changes from 2.2.07
  • Mostly bug fixes.
  • Reduced communication Traffic by 1/2
  • Modified how updated messages work.
  • Changed automatic scanning feature to update if a player's info is out of date.
  • Instructions for installation.

Installation Instructions:
  • Download file with link above.
  • Open the zip file containg the mod.
  • Copy all files to your "World of Warcraft\interface\addons\" folder.
  • Restart World of Warcraft.
How to find the location of your addons folder.
  • Right-click your "World of Warcraft" icon and choose "Properties"
  • In the bottom left corner of the window click on "Open File Location"
  • You will now be in your World of Warcraft folder. Open "\interface\addons\"
  • If you do not have an "interface" folder create one, and create an "addons" folder within it.

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