An quick Update

Alright guys, I know I havn't said I've done much in a while but I have. Those screenshots you see of the Options GUI were just visable Layout.. I've had to actually program them so they work now.

A few changes:
I now have added Color to item's GearScores. This works by finding out if a player had 100% of that item type equiped to themselves. Coincidently ilvl 200 shows up as Blue, and 213 shows up as Purple. 200 = Superior Achievement, and 213 = Epic Achievement. I've decided this is where I will place the GearScore scale when the next expansion comes out as its a natural place to put it. This new change doesnt create any new dramatic changes but certainly is nice when mouseing though a player's gear items. Before you could see a Totem with GearScore of 97, but you dont know if thats good for a Totem or not, but now You'll see that same totem with the words "GearScore: 97" painted green so you know its a crappy item.

Alright, Techincally there is a way to measure exactly how much GearScore should be dropped by exactly how much Resilience is on it. However this method is very complicated and reduces frame rates slightly. So I've decided to do this following method. If an Item is a PVP Item (Has Resilience) it will only be worth 75% of its regular GearScore. So T8.5 Chest will be worth 385 GearScore, while a T8.5 PVP Chest is worth 289. This also works in reverse: A Regular T8.5 Chest is only worth 289 PVP GearScore.
Now this mod is almost used exclusivly for PVE, so I wont be listing PVP scores unless I start getting a request for it, Instead what I plan to do is Use the PVP Scores to check on rather or Not I should Update a Database Entry.

For Example: IF Bob has a PVE GearScore of 4000, and a PVP GearScore of 0 and this information is included in the database. The next time you see Bob However he has a PVE GearScore of 3000, and a PVP GearScore of 3800, the information WONT update in the database, this is beacuse It determines he is wearing more PVP then his last entry and doesn't need to update. This should help prevent the problem sites like WoW-Heroes and Imba have of finding the person caught in PVP Gear.

Ive also changed how some of the Formating of text is dealt with, and compressed several options into themselves and removed others. I dont feel the "Date" information is necissary on teh tooltip because now you can have it in the Records Screen, and this information was only usually usefull when mouseing over somebody in the Party Frame who wasn't next to you. "/gset Level", and "/gset Average" have been merged. Turning on ItemLevels will list both player ItemLevels and Item ItemLevels. AverageItem Levels for players will now appear on teh same line of text as GearScore in tooltips.

Also Remember that Teir-Tokens now show GearScores, and I'm working on a way to calculate the GearScore of Heirloom items as well as Legendary Items.

Disconnect issures wern't 100% of this addons fault, The Disconnect occurs when too many addons send to many messages at once. Several were my addons messages, but when combined with Recount and Healbot for example you may get disconnected. To remedy this I will be monitoring how frequently other addons send messages. If they are particuarly busy (Such as in combat) my mod will hold information in a que and send it later when traffic is slower.

Also the bug of certain addons causing the mousing over of some items to error should be fixed with a new check I have.

NPCs that share names with players will also no longer show GearScores.

The TimeStamp information in Record mode will be colored to help you find out if the entry is old or not. Same Day Entries will be "Blue", Within 7 Days will be "Green", within 3 weeks will be "Yellow" and anything after that will be "Red" (Please let me know if you think that scale should be differn't)

~Mirrikat45 Out.

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