GearScore 3.1.10 Developer's Version

Updated the Developer's Version of the addon tonight to 3.1.08. Mostly includes bug fixes and the new recount mode. Download / read more here:
Change Log
  • Fixed the bug "UIPanelTemplates.lua:20: in function `PanelTemplates_UpdateTabs'"
  • Fixed the bug ""Usage: GameTooltip:SetHyperlink(link)"
  • Fixed the bug "You are not in a guild!" from appearing to guildless members when opening Character Pane.
  • Updated SponsorList
  • Removed bug that caused "1.#INF" to appear as player's SpecScores. Problem Still seems to occur for really really poorly geared players. Will Investigate.
  • Added "Ranged Crit Rating" to hunter's approved stats.
  • Changed Minimum Defense Skill to "Minimum Bonus Defense Skill" and removed the 400 base stat to eliminate any potential confusion.
  • Add back in DuelWeilding Checks for Shaman, Rogues, Warrior, and DKs
Download Here: GearScore Developer's Version 3.1.10

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