Rogue Angels Recruiting

My Guild is now recruiting. We're a 25 man Horde Guild on US-Detheroc. We run 25 ICC and 25 TOC. We also have multiple groups of 10mans that run 10 ICC, 10 TOC and even some hard-modes. One group of 10-mans even got our Glory of Ulduar Drakes before TOC~

You don't have to be geared we don't mind helping you gear up to raid with us. However you need to display the ability to listen and and learn. Know your class well, know what type of equipment to wear and how best to maximize your performance.

Our Raid Times are:
  • Sunday: 7 - 10pm Central (Server Time)
  • Tuesday: 7 - 10pm Central (Server Time)
  • Wednesday: 7 - 10pm Central (Server Time)
Our Loot Method:

Recruitment Thread:

Joining my guild grants you 20% bonus GearScore. (Lol, j/k. However you do get the cool tag "Official GearScore Guild" under your name.)

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